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Creating your entrepreneurial project in Mulhouse, France

Building a tailor-made professional activity for people who are excluded from the workplace

The Hopla association offers full individual support for people out of the job market wishing to develop a self-employed activity in a sustainable and viable manner. The Air Liquide Foundation supports the individual training for these future entrepreneurs.

The people excluded from the workplace

Many job seekers face disability, health or personal situations that do not allow them to fit into the framework imposed by "traditional" salaried work. A disabled person may have difficulty finding a rhythm of work compatible with their health. Language and cultural barriers can also make it more difficult for people newly arrived in France to find a job.

Independent entrepreneurship is a solution to allow the development of an activity adapted to the pace and constraints encountered by the job seekers. It is conditional on support and training throughout the business creation process in order to develop an economically viable and sustainable activity.

In France, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is twice the national average (French Ministry of Labour, 2019)

Promoting the resumption of a professional activity

The aim is to enable vulnerable groups to create a tailor-made independent activity that is sustainable and viable. Thanks to a flexible and personalised system, project initiators are supported both on the entrepreneurial (management, communication, prospecting) and social aspects (social counselor, mobility aid) of business creation.

90 hours of individual support since September 2020

17 project approvals obtained

> 200 months of support planned for 2021

The Work

The HOPLA association has surrounded itself with two partners with very complementary skills:

  • Vecteur - a consulting agency in business creation for 25 years
  • CIAREM - a center of integration and support to the Job search in Mulhouse

Thanks to Hopla’s partners and its network, the entrepreneurs benefit from a tailor-made training consisting of:

  • exchange time with other entrepreneurs
  • advice from coaches specialising in the needs of each project initiator

This “à la carte” system makes it possible to provide beneficiaries with all the tools that gradually ensure their empowerment in the labour market.

What the Air Liquide Foundation is doing

The Foundation contributes to the financing of 200 hours of individualised training for entrepreneurs on themes such as communication, commercial prospecting, mastery of IT tools and business management.


"The HOPLA association is much more than an association, it is above all a big family that aims to help others. It gladly offers a listening ear, a coffee to reassure any worried and distressed entrepreneur." 

Sébastien Boeglin, Service and Maintenance Manager, Air Liquide France