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Combining training and trades that are actively recruiting

Skills training in aluminum joinery for 15-18-year-olds in Vaulx-en-Velin, France

École Boisard, founded in 1882, is France's largest work-based training school. Based in Vaulx-en-Velin, it provides technical diploma courses for young people, particularly early school dropouts. Its philosophy: learn a trade by doing work commissioned by customers. The Air Liquide Foundation is contributing to the development of the aluminum joinery sector.

Learning by doing

École Boisard offers technical trainings to early school dropouts from the age of 15 via an innovative, practical and active teaching approach: "Learning by doing". The students learn a trade by working on real external orders with a team of the industry's trainers. The program consists of one third theory and two thirds practical work for customers. This involvement in business life and customer relations requires high standards and give the students accountability, developing their maturity and self-confidence. They are therefore able to develop essential professional and interpersonal skills.

Results: Over 90% exam pass rate and almost 100% of students go on to further studies or are recruited once they have obtained their diploma.

A trade with skills shortages

The Boisard training school provides training in trades with skills shortages in the region of Vaulx-en-Velin, south-east of France, to facilitate its students' recruitment.

Its aluminum joinery sector is expected to grow owing to building energy retrofit requirements. Aluminum joiners design, manufacture and assemble exterior fittings (windows, storefronts, canopies, verandas) and interior fittings (walls, doors, partitions, etc.).

Boisard has a triple objective in developing this sector in which it trains 28 students in the first and second year of their professional training certificate: 

  • To make aluminum joinery more attractive by incorporating a digital dimension
  • To train young people on machines used by their future employers
  • To improve the quality and precision of production

How the Air Liquide Foundation is participating

The Air Liquide Foundation enables École Boisard to buy precision industrial equipment similar to what the students will find in industry when they leave the school.