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Air Liquide Foundation strengthens its action with a new 5-year mandate

Since it was founded in 2008, the Air Liquide Foundation supports research in the fields of the Environment and Health and contributes to local development in the countries where the Group is present. Today, the Air Liquide Foundation has committed to another 5 years, with its budget raised to 5 million euros for the period. Its Environmental mission is being expanded to improving air quality. In addition, the Foundation has broadened its missions to encompass scientific education. Its Board of Directors also welcomes a new qualified member, Dr. Sophie Szopa, who is a specialist in atmospheric chemistry at the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement de Paris.

Since its creation, the Air Liquide Foundation has supported nearly 300 projects in 50 countries in the areas of Environment, Health and Local Development, thanks to the involvement of hundreds of employees of the Air Liquide Group, who recommend and support these projects. Working for the public good, the Foundation is expanding its scientific purpose for the 2018-2023 period to encompass improving air quality and scientific education:

  • Improving air quality, a scientific theme that is related to respiratory function and climate change, is a natural extension of environment protection, which is one of the Foundation’s original areas of focus. Accordingly, the Air Liquide Foundation board of directors will be joined by Dr. Sophie Szopa, who specializes in atmospheric chemistry at the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement.
  • The Foundation will also work to promote scientific education in its areas of expertise, considering that the dissemination of scientific knowledge, particularly to young people, is an essential factor in human development.

To support this development, the founders of Air Liquide SA and Air Liquide Santé International have decided to endow the Foundation with a budget of 5 million euros over 5 years. This will further enable the development of the Foundation's work throughout the world, particularly in North America where the Group has significantly increased its presence following the acquisition of Airgas in 2016.

Moreover, the Board of Directors has decided to renew the mandate of all its qualified external members: Mrs. Hynd Bouhia, Associate Professor, in charge of the Economy and Finance department at the Rabat International University, Professor Pierre Carli, head of unit at Samu de Paris and anesthesia / intensive care unit, and Mrs. Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot, Professor of strategy and social innovation at  HEC-Paris business school. The Board of Directors of the Foundation is now composed of ten members, including six members of Air Liquide.