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The refugees from Ukraine need our help

The Air Liquide Foundation will support projects of partner-NGOs across the European Union

The Air Liquide Foundation will support projects of partner-NGOs across the European Union to deliver health, educational and other social services to refugees from the war in Ukraine.

Air Liquide employees alert the Foundation of needs in their countries. They make sure that the Foundation’s help is efficient.
The Foundation has a quick and rigorous selection process to ensure the quality of projects.

All shareholders of Air Liquide, as well as employees of Air Liquide under certain conditions, are welcome to financially support this programme (more information below). We will issue a tax receipt for each donation.
The Foundation keeps administrative costs to a minimum; 95% of donations for this operation will go directly to funding projects.

The Foundation draws on its experience from previous humanitarian crises: the Syrian refugee crisis of 2015 and, more recently, its “covid-relief” programme that supported 34 NGO projects across the world, for 30,000 recipients.

Discover the projects

If you are an employee of the Air Liquide Group

Dear employee of Air Liquide,

You can support our work in favour of Ukraine's refugees in several ways.

You can make a donation, within limits set by the law in France, i.e. if you are employed by the Group in France or, if employed by the Group outside France, you are an Air Liquide shareholder.

You can donate through a secure, dedicated, giving platform. We will send you a tax receipt. If you are a French tax resident, 66% of your gift will go to a tax credit, capped at 20% of your taxable income.

To access the giving platform, please open Benoît Potier's message sent on your work email by corporate communications on March 9th. The link to the platform is at the bottom of the first page.

You can also contribute by recommending a project, or by supporting a project that we've selected. More information is available here.

Do get in touch with us if you have questions or remarks, at

We thank you warmly for your support and generosity.

If you are a shareholder of Air Liquide

Dear Shareholder of Air Liquide,

You can donate online on a secure dedicated platform to support our work on behalf of Ukraine's refugees. We will send you a  tax receipt. If you are a French tax resident, 66% of your donation -up to a €1,500 cap and within  20% of your taxable income - will go to a tax credit. If you are also an employee of Air Liquide, the €1,500 cap does not apply. If you are not a French tax resident, fiscal rules of your country of residency apply. 

Since by law, donations to the Foundation can only be made by Air Liquide Shareholders (and Air Liquide employees under certain circumstances),  we have to validate your shareholder-status.

If your Air Liquide shares are registered, either through a financial institution or with Air Liquide's Shareholder Services Department, please email us at with your  surname, first name, postal or electronic address, stating that  “I would like to support refugees from Ukraine”. We will send you the link to the giving platform.

If your Air Liquide shares are not registered through a financial institution, please also add proof that you are an Air Liquide Shareholder when you email to Your account holder will give you such a certificate. 

Thank you for your generosity.

The Air Liquide Foundation does not solicit donations by telephone.

Credit : Getty Images / picture alliance