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Training in livestock farming in India

Training underprivileged women in livestock farming in India

The Air Liquide Foundation supports the Objectif France-Inde and their project to develop goat farming in an educational farm in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India.

Project Identity 

Project initiator: Objectif France – Inde (OFI) Year of support: 2015
Location: Trichy District, State of Tamil Nadu, India Air Liquide sponsor: J. Allenchristopher, Cryolor Asia Pacific


Marginalized women group together to get access to microcredit

In India, many marginalized women (from the Dalit caste, prostitutes, etc.) with very limited financial resources are joining Self Help Groups (SHGs). These groups are supported by Objectif France-Inde and SEVAI1 to help these women to obtain microcredits from banks and start up their own businesses.

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An educational farm training women in goat farming

In order to help these SHGs to empower, Objectif France-Inde wants to develop goat farming focused on meat production on an educational farm. Once trained in livestock farming, the women are each sold four kids from the farm at a low price. This will allow them to optimize their own farming business and escape poverty. The sale of kids also helps to finance the educational farm in the long-term.

The contribution of the Air Liquide Foundation

The Foundation's grant will be used to buy around 50 goats and 2 rams, as well as the fencing and drinking troughs required to develop the goat farming activity on the educational farm.

1. SEVAI (Society for Education, Village Action and Improvement) is an Indian NGO based in the state of Tamil Nadu