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Training early school leavers in France

Acquire equipment for metalwork courses

The Air Liquide Foundation is helping to support the association Ecouter, Comprendre, Former (To hear, To understand, To train), which fights to prevent children dropping out of school in Dole, in the east of France. The Foundation helps the association acquire equipment for metalwork courses.

Social integration for early school leavers

Growing numbers of youngsters are dropping out of school in France, leaving them without a diploma or any formal training. In 2013, there were 259 early school leavers in Dole. The association decided to create a school called Juralternance that aims to help these young people reintegrate society. Juralternance offers free courses in metalwork, pneumatics and general knowledge.

A learning environment that is designed for young people

A school with good quality training is a concrete and pertinent solution for preventing children dropping out of school. With only eight students per class, they enjoy their teachers’ full attention. Moreover, they also enjoy comprehensive pedagogical supervision with weekly meetings between the team and the students, and regular discussions with the families.

Nonetheless, there is a differential between the pedagogical methods employed and the resources available that hinders learning. The association has therefore acquired new metalwork equipment to prepare students for the CAP1 in the best possible conditions.

The Air Liquide Foundation’s contribution

The Air Liquide Foundation’s grant will enable the association to acquire metalwork equipment, in particular a drill, a compressor, a saw, and scaffolding.

1 Certificate d’aptitude professionnelle – vocational training certificate


  • Project initiator: Ecouter Comprendre Former (ECCOFOR)
  • Location: Dole, Franche-Comté, France
  • Year of support: 2016
  • Project sponsor: Jean-Christophe Humbrecht, VitalAire Est