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© Ludwigshafener Verein für Jugendliche

Help for child refugees in Germany

Taking in child refugees in Ludwigshafen, Germany

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting the work of Ludwigshafener Verein für Jugendliche helping isolated child refugees. Based 80 km south of Frankfurt, the association provides accommodation for these young refugees and helps them integrate German society.

Welcoming child refugees in Germany

Large numbers of child refugees immigrate alone, without their families. They arrive in Germany suffering from post-traumatic stress and in an unfamiliar environment. Ludwigshafener Jugendhilfe Verein is an association that has been looking after young people in difficulty since 1976. It was, therefore, quite natural for it to seek to help these isolated child refugees.

Large numbers of child refugees immigrate alone, without their families

Support for isolated child refugees

The association provides the youths with food and clothing, and houses them in residential centers for young people. A psychotherapy and personal development program has been developed to help them regain self-confidence and overcome the traumatic experiences they have gone through. And finally, the association gives them German lessons to facilitate their integration.

The Air Liquide Foundation's contribution

The Air Liquide Foundation is helping the association to fit out a community room in one of its residential centers, to allow the youths to spend time together and work with the educators


  • Project initiator: Ludwigshafener Verein für Jugendliche
  • Location: Ludwigshafen, Rhénanie-Palatinat, Germany
  • Year of support: 2015
  • Air Liquide sponsor: Juergen Wald, Air Liquide Germany

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