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Soutien à la recherche sur les maladies respiratoires des prématurés ©Fondaion PremUp

Respiratory illnesses of preterm infants

Support for research with PremUp Foundation

Each year, 4,000 very preterm infants suffer from broncho-pulmonary dysplasia, a chronic respiratory illness. The anti-inflammatory medications currently used for this ailment in neonatology departments have serious secondary effects, especially on the neurological level.

Air Liquide Foundation's support

In the framework of its work on protecting the lungs of preterm infants, the PremUp Foundation has created a program to identify the inflammatory mechanisms that cause this pathology and has developed new treatments to fight this disabling illness.

The Air Liquide Foundation supports this research program currently conducted in the neonatal medicine department of the Hôpital Cochin in Paris.

Goals of the research

The goals of the research are:

  • understanding the inflammatory mechanisms that lead to broncho-pulmonary dysplasia in the very preterm infant
  • finding new therapies by testing a new class of anti-inflammatory agents

This fundamental and clinical research carried out over three years aims at conquering this respiratory ailment that still carries serious consequences. These premature infants tend to have respiratory problems during their early childhood (bronchiolitis, asthma) and disturbances of their neurological development, their learning capacity and their growth.

PremUp Foundation

Created in 2007 and supported by the ministries of research, healthcare and social affairs, the PremUp Foundation for scientific cooperation brings together a network of research and caregiver teams that are devoted to the protection of pregnant women, the prevention of premature births and the treatment of its


  • Project initiator: Fondation PremUp
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Year of support: 2009
  • Air Liquide R&D Manager: Marc Lemaire, Air Liquide Healthcare International, Paris-Saclay Research Center