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On the Road to Employment

Equal working opportunities by guiding young people from disadvantaged areas

In severely impoverished urban areas, one third of young people have a level of education lower than a BEP (vocational studies certificate) or a CAP1 (certificate of professional competence). These areas are rife with difficulties, not least in terms of access to training and employment. Sport dans la Ville offers young people from these neighborhoods the "Job dans la Ville" program to support their social integration and employment prospects. Specific programs are offered to early school leavers and girls interested in technical jobs. With the support of the Air Liquide Foundation and Air Liquide entities, the association is, over a 3-year period, guiding over 700 early school leavers towards training and employment and developing the attractiveness of jobs in industry to girls in the Ile-de-France and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regions.

Project Identity

Project Initiator: Sport dans la Ville Year(s) of Support: 2021-2023
Support Provided: Financial contributions to the "Job dans la Ville" program Amount Provided: €150,000
Location: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Ile-de-France regions Air Liquide Monitors: Benoît Hilbert, CEO, Yannick Rançon, Project Manager, Air Liquide Advanced Technologies


The Cause

In France, nearly one million young people between the ages of 16 and 25 have no job, training or qualifications2. Three years after receiving their education, more than one in every three young people from severely impoverished areas are still out of work3. This critical employment situation for young people worsened further in 2020 with the public health crisis. Early school leaving rates rose significantly, particularly in disadvantaged areas.

1 million young people aged 16-25 with no job, training or qualifications


Guiding Young People into Work

Sport dans la Ville offers various integration pathways through its "Job dans la Ville" program aimed at 14- to 25-year-olds who have registered with the association. The 3-year partnership with the Air Liquide Foundation has a dual objective:

  • Guiding 735 early school leavers into training and lasting employment, with a success rate of over 50% in Ile-de-France and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes through the Passe Décisive project.
  • Developing the attractiveness of jobs in industry to girls through the Industri’Elles project.

Young NEETS from severely impoverished areas supported

More than 50%

positive outcomes (employment, training) desired

Sport dans la ville, qu'est-ce que c'est ? (in french)

How It Works

To offer suitable solutions for early school leavers, Sport dans la Ville designed the Passe Décisive component of its "Job dans la Ville" program. Passe Décisive ("Decisive Moment") is a made-to-measure guidance and support program to remotivate young people seeking employment and training, through initiatives to introduce them to the world of business and integrate them in the world of work.

The project was awarded funding in the "100% inclusion" category of the French government’s Investment in Skills Plan in 2019.

Passe Décisive includes:

  • Individual guidance and support over several years by a Sport dans la Ville Guidance Counselor, who will help the young person with their choices and career plans; 
  • Company visits to discover the business sectors and jobs of the future;
  • Workshops preparing young people for the business world: presentation of various professions, resume writing, mock interviews, self-confidence, public speaking, English classes; 
  • Mentoring by employees over one year or one day ("A Day in the Life") to offer first-hand experience of a job; 
  • Access to work experience and employment opportunities (internships, work-study programs, fixed-term and permanent contracts) via recruitment events and the association’s network of partner businesses.

Specific actions are also carried out as part of the "Industri’Elles" project to encourage girls to consider careers in industry as openly as boys do. 

The Air Liquide entities near the towns where Sport dans la Ville operates in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Ile-de-France are stakeholders in the program, with their employees contributing at various stages. Emphasis is placed on discovering industry and healthcare as exciting sectors that young people can legitimately aspire to work in.

These actions should result in a fruitful partnership both for the young people concerned and for the local Air Liquide employees. Together, the employees have made a real commitment to prepare young people for employment, a hugely rewarding experience for them, and an opportunity not only to unite employees around a common cause, but to prepare a pool of potential employees for the future.

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Focus on

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Sport dans la ville, principale association d’insertion par le sport

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Créée en 1998, Sport dans la Ville est la principale association d’insertion par le sport en France. En construisant des centres sportifs au cœur des Quartiers prioritaires de la Politique de la Ville (QPV), Sport dans la Ville propose des séances sportives gratuites aux jeunes de 6 à 25 ans, première étape du programme d’insertion de l’association. Ces séances permettent aux jeunes d’intégrer des valeurs telles que le respect, l’esprit d’équipe et la confiance en soi, toutes indispensables à leur insertion sociale et professionnelle. Afin d’accompagner les jeunes dans la durée, Sport dans la Ville a mis en place différents programmes pour favoriser l’insertion sociale et professionnelle des jeunes issus de quartiers prioritaires, en participant activement à leur progression et leur développement personnel. Implanté dans 4 régions françaises (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Hauts-de-France, Ile-de-France et Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur), Sport dans la Ville a construit au sein de ses 46 centres sportifs une relation de proximité avec les habitants du quartier.

Initié en 2007, le programme Job dans la Ville propose aux jeunes dès 14 ans suivis par l’association, un accompagnement à la découverte du monde professionnel, à l’orientation et à l’accès à l’emploi.  La volonté de l’association est d’éviter les ruptures, de soutenir les jeunes dans leur parcours de formation et de leur donner les outils et le réseau pour progresser et entrer dans la vie active. Les jeunes bénéficient d’un accompagnement individuel et collectif tout au long de leur parcours vers l’emploi. Job dans la Ville s’attache particulièrement à faire découvrir de nombreux secteurs professionnels et métiers peu connus des jeunes et à les valoriser auprès d’eux. L’industrie en fait partie. 

En 2019 le programme Job dans la Ville a accompagné 1 600 jeunes (38 % de jeunes filles), 660 expériences professionnelles ont été réalisées et 377 binômes de parrainage ont été initiés.


of young people are in training or employment


young people were supported by Job dans la Ville in 2020


of youngsters supported by Job dans la Ville are girls

What the Air Liquide Foundation is doing

The Air Liquide Foundation contributes to the development costs of the Job dans la Ville program, and particularly the wages of the guidance counselors helping the youngsters. The Foundation calls on Air Liquide employees to help out by donating their skills throughout the program.

© Sport dans la ville - Mat Beaudet
© Sport dans la ville - Mat Beaudet

"This new partnership with the Air Liquide Foundation is a terrific opportunity to introduce the early school leavers we help to the medical and industrial sectors, and to eventually guide them, boys and girls alike, towards great jobs that they did not know about before. Thank you for your invaluable support, which should help us reach our targets as regards positive outcomes, i.e. the number of these young people who end up in training or employment."

Sofiane Kassmi, Head of the Passe Décisive program in Ile de France

Sport dans la ville

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