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Promoting access to hippotherapy in France

A space to accommodate people with disabilities during equitherapy sessions

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting the creation of a patients' gathering area for disabled people to meet during hippotherapy sessions organized by Advevan.

Advevan: "come back to life" in Breton

In Brittany, the association Advevan - which means "come back to life" in Breton - helps disabled children and adults to take part in activities that encourage their self-fulfilment. The hippotherapy sessions are provided in partnership with a regional equestrian center.

Hippotherapy: a form of psychomotor therapy

A horse trained in this form of therapy is used as a mediator between physically or mentally disabled patients and the therapist. The contact with the animal is calming for the patients and the therapy improves their self-confiance while empowering them. Each session offered by Advevan lasts around two hours, bringing together four to six patients, supervised by two people from the equestrian center, two coordinators, and one member of Advevan.

A place that encourages discussion

Advevan now wants to build a yurt in order to create a sheltered area where horseriders will be able to spend time together before and after sessions. This will be a place to facilitate communication and interaction between the therapist, the healthcare professionals, and families.

The Air Liquide Foundation’s participation

The Air Liquide Foundation is contributing to its creation by buying and setting-up a yurt: clearing the land, fitting out the interior, and installing a wooden floor and an access ramp.


  • Project initiator: Advevan
  • Location: Trevilan, Brittany, France
  • Year of support: 2014
  • Air Liquide sponsor: Tristan Debry, Orkyn’Rennes