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Organic market gardening in France

Social and professional integration through organic market gardening in Beaune-la-Rolande

The Jardin de la Voie Romaine's mission is to integrate unemployed or marginalized people through training to work on an organic market garden.

Organic market garden leading to social and professional integration

Created in 2010 on 4 hectares of unused land in Beaune-la-Rolande in the Centre region of France, the Jardin de la Voie Romaine is an organic market garden whose mission is social and professional integration. The association is a member of the Cocagne Network, a nationwide network regrouping 120 integration gardens. The association enables men and women of all ages to create a professional and personal project by producing and selling organic vegetables locally in the form of weekly baskets.

After setting up the offices and greenhouses in October 2010, the structure is now firmly implanted and the vegetable baskets are sold to consumer-members. At the end of 2012, the garden had some 200 members and distributed an average of 120 baskets per week
Today, this system employs 15 people in the integration program and 5 permanent employees. The objective of the structure was to have almost 70% of the Garden’s employees enrolled on a vocational training course, or hired with a temporary or permanent contract when they leave the garden.

Development of the activities

At the same time, the association wants to increase its range of baskets and develop direct sales at the Garden itself, offering even more flexibility for consumers. With this new project, the Garden’s employees will have more opportunities to develop their sales skills (customer interaction, cash management, advice, etc). It is thus necessary to increase year-round vegetable production, which means acquiring a new greenhouse as well as new production tools.

The Air Liquide Foundation therefore support the Jardin de la Voie Romaine association by financing the irrigation system of the greenhouse in order to ensure high quality and quantity production throughout the year.


  • Project leader: Jardin de la Voie Romaine
  • Location: Beaune de la Rolande, France
  • Year of support: 2013
  • Air Liquide Sponsors: Patricia Valle, Mondji Khézami and Antoine Findeling, Air Liquide France Industrie, Centre region