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Securing and fitting out a primary school in India

for better teaching and learning conditions in Sawardari, western India

The Air Liquide Foundation is joining forces with the Indian association, Work for Equality, to improve teaching conditions in a primary school in the state of Maharashtra.

A primary school with decrepit facilities

Nearly 200 students attend the school, the only public school in the village of Sawardari and the neighbouring area. Poverty is rife in these rural communities, and this school provides the only access to education. However, the poor condition of the facilities, its obsolete equipment, rudimentary furnishings, and frequent interruptions from animals and hostile individuals makes teaching conditions difficult.

Giving the school a new life through security and modernization

Faced with these challenges, Work for Equality's project is based on three aspects:

  • Security: building a wall surrounding the school, to prevent unwelcome intrusions;
  • Lessons: setting up specific training sessions for students, on IT, hygiene, and safety;
  • Equipment: providing the primary school with sufficiently powerful computers, to improve the quality of teaching, and fitting the classrooms with adequate bookshelves and furniture.

Inauguration of the secured school

The wall was inaugurated on the 25th November 2016, in the presence of the local authorities, all the students, and the inhabitants of Sawardari. The ceremony featured official speeches, the traditional cutting of the ribbon, as well as singing and dancing by the children!

The Air Liquide Foundation's contribution

The Air Liquide Foundation's grant financed the construction of the primary school's enclosure wall and entrance gate. Moreover, Air Liquide Pune, the subsidiary located near the village of Sawardari, donated furniture and several computers.


  • Project initiator: Work for Equality
  • Location: Sawardari, state of Maharashtra, India
  • Year of support: 2015
  • Sponsor: Sarjerao Mohite, Air Liquide Pune