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© Association La Pierre Blanche

Support of people in very precarious situation in France

Renovation of two barges for emergency shelter

In 2013, the Air Liquide Foundation gives its support to the association La Pierre Blanche in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, in Ile-de-France region (France)

Providing shelter and facilitating the reintegration of people

La Pierre Blanche is a public interest association created in 1988 with the goal of providing shelter and facilitating the reintegration of people in very precarious situation. The association is approved by the Ile-de-France region for its activities in “social, financial and technical engineering” and for “its action as a go-between in the rental of housings, and its social management of rental”.

Each year, la Pierre Blanche welcomes about 250 highly precarious people. They are welcomed without any discrimination on grounds of origin or faith, and are supported by the association on the road to reintegration. They may be single mothers, migrants waiting for regularization of their administrative situation or, more generally, people in great moral and psychological distress. They are welcomed and sheltered on several barges, some of which used to be dedicated to waterway mutual assistance.

Each year, la Pierre Blanche welcomes about 250 highly precarious people

In addition, on the main barge nicknamed “I serve”, activities are opened to a wider public: food bank, literacy courses, and assistance for administrative procedures. Besides the main barge, in which around 60 people are housed and where all meals are taken together, 3 other barges are also made available to the recipient. Two boats in particular offer emergency accommodation for 18 families. 
The existing premises are however dilapidated; a renovation of electrical and heating systems and a reinforcement of the portholes’ water tightness is necessary, in order to make the reception structure durable.

That is why the association la Pierre Blanche decided to renovate its boats in 2013, with the support of the Air Liquide Foundation who founded the renovation of one of these boats.


  • Project initiator: Association La Pierre Blanche
  • Location: Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, Ile-de-France
  • Year of support: 2013
  • Air Liquide Sponsor: Christine Sytsma, Air Liquide Siège

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