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Renovation of an orphanage in Vietnam

By Enfance Partenariat Vietnam

The Air Liquide Foundation supports Enfance Partenariat Vietnam's renovation project for an orphanage in Bac Giang in North-Eastern Vietnam. In 2009, the Foundation also provided support to the association for the construction of a social protection center for underprivileged children.

Sick children victim of exclusion

Enfance Partenariat Vietnam works with a state-run orphanage in Bac Giang, which is home to 45 children, some of whom are HIV-positive or have severe disabilities. In Vietnam, HIV-positive children or those with disabilities are vulnerable to abandonment by their families as well as the government. Many of them end up in orphanages because their parents cannot or do not want to take care of them. Underprivileged seniors are also housed at the facility.

Renovation of the kitchen and dining hall in the orphanage

The orphanage facilities are outdated so the association decided to launch a project to renovate the dormitories, kitchen, and dining hall. These renovations are part of a broader program to improve services, which includes the creation of professional training workshops (gardening; moped repair) and the installation of a chicken coop to supplement the children's diet.

The Air Liquide Foundation's involvement

The Air Liquide Foundation is providing support for renovating the orphanage's kitchen and dining hall as well as for building the chicken coop.


  • Project initiator: Enfance Partenariat Vietnam
  • Location: Bac Giang, Vietnam
  • Year of support: 2016
  • Sponsor: Hue Phung, Air Liquide Vietnam