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© Les Puisatiers

Junior High-School in Burkina Faso

Renovation of the Junior High-School in Sanon, Burkina Faso

Located in the bush, Sanon is a municipality that has neither an all-weather road, nor electricity. Its 6000 inhabitants are spread over a dozen large villages, with a primary school in each one of them.

Environment and capacity constraint for the pupils

More than 2000 pupils go to these schools each year, and nearly 300 pupils manage to pass the secondary school entrance examination. However, one hundred pupils cannot enter local secondary schools, due to capacity constraints. These children have to stay in the village and thus quickly forget most of what they had learnt in primary school.

© Les Puisatiers
Nearly 200 pupils have been allowed to enter the new secondary school

A long term support

The association Les Puisatiers, recognized as being of public utility by the government of Burkina Faso, strives for the development of the Municipality of Sanon. In 2011, along with the Air Liquide Foundation’s support, the association built a secondary school with two classes of 6th and 7th grade.
The second phase of the project was executed in 2012 with two additional classes, access to drinking water, solar electricity, and restroom facilities. The school director (who also teaches children) and two teachers were nominated by the Burkinabe Minister of National Education. 
Hence, nearly 200 pupils have been allowed to enter the new secondary school: 160 pupils in 6th grade and 35 pupils in 7th grade.

Complete the construction of the last pedagogical building

In 2013, the Air Liquide Foundation has thus decided to renew its support to the association Les Puisatiers, in order to allow it to complete the construction of the last pedagogical building, including two classrooms, a computer room, a school kitchen and a canteen. Last but not least, the association plans to buy the equipment for the sewing workshop adjacent to the school.

Eventually, thanks to the work of the association Les Puisatiers, supported by the Air Liquide Foundation, the Municipality of Sanon should benefit from a secondary school with a capacity of more than 300 pupils, from 6th to 9th grades.


  • Project initiator: Association Les Puisatiers
  • Location: Sanon, Burkina Faso
  • Year of support: 2013
  • Parrain: Harouna Badini, Air Liquide Burkina Faso