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Promoting literacy in Argentina

Awareness of literacy issues at school and in the family circle in Buenos Aires

Fundación Leer is coordinating projects in several schools in Buenos Aires, Argentina, encouraging children to learn to read and write. The Air Liquide Foundation's support is enabling it to acquire teaching equipment for children and their parents.

Promoting literacy in Buenos Aires

Fundación Leer is convinced of the significance of reading and writing skills in allowing children to integrate society. It has set up several programs in La Tablada, one of the poorest and most populous neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, where only 3% of the population accesses higher education:

  • Alfabetización Temprana y Familiar (ATF), which aims to promote literacy in children aged 6 to 12 years old
  • Reading Challenge, that works so that every child reads 20 books a school year


© Fundacion Leer

Training parents and children

The ATF program's aim is to encourage children to learn to read and write. Fundación Leer organizes workshops with parents and teachers, in order to inform them of different ways of promoting literacy towards children.

Fundación Leer also gives out satchels containing two books and a game, in order to complement its teaching and allow the children to start their own book collection.

Every year, Fundación Leer organizes the National Reading Marathon, gathering 4.5 million children, teenagers and adults for a day of reading and fun activities.

© Fundacion Leer
© Fundacion Leer

Boosting learning

In another school of La Tablada, the Reading Challenge stimulates children by offering them a challenge for which they are encourage by their teacher: to read 20 books during the school year. To achieve this, Fundación Leer plays a fundamental role: it methodologically accompanies the students and provides sufficient books to the students and the school library.

The Air Liquide Foundation's contribution

The Air Liquide Foundation is contributing to Fundación Leer’s programs by helping them acquire educational resources like books, satchels and games necessary to teach the children of Tablada, Buenos Aires.


“Following-up this project allows me to give back to society what I have received.”

Rosmary Godoy, Air Liquide Argentina, employee responsible for monitoring the literacy program of Fundación Leer

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For me it is a great chance that Air Liquide gave me the opportunity to sponsor the project supported by the Foundation.  I love reading and I love books! Thus giving books to children that could have been deprived of them has a specific meaning for me. Reading opens new horizons - geographically and culturally - and motivates children to go above and beyond their day-to-day world. This is wonderful to be able to share that with them. Being the sponsor of this project allows me to do something for others and to give back to the society what I received.

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  • Project initiator: Fundación Leer
  • Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Years of support: 2016 & 2017
  • Sponsor: Rosmary Godoy, Air Liquide Argentina

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