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© Life Project 4 Youth

Professional training for young adults in India

Renovation and development of the Life Project Center in South Delhi

The Air Liquide Foundation supports Life Project 4 Youth's professional training center in Sangam Vihar, south of Delhi. This center welcomes 30 young adults from a poverty-stricken background (less than US $ 1.9 / day) and victims of exclusion (disabled youth, orphans...).

Young people living in the streets in India

Young people in the streets in India live in very dangerous conditions. They are generally victims of violence, never had the opportunity to go to school, and survive thanks to odd jobs in the informal economy. The French association Life Project 4 Youth helps these underprivileged young adults by creating professional training centers near shantytowns. The students are trained on how to manage an income-generating activity.

A new center in Sangam Vihar

Life Project 4 Youth has started creating a new "Life Project Center" in the Sangam Vihar district. Around 15 youths living in the streets will help to renovate the center and will follow an 18-month program teaching them basic English and arithmetic skills. The youths will be trained to create, develop, and manage a business that will allow them to earn a living. The training center of Sangam Vihar will focus on the acquisition of know-how in the field of woodwork; the production and sale of wooden products. Personal development workshops will also be organized in order to help the students define a career path.

Defining feature of the Life Project Center: young people create and manage their own business, which provides them with opportunities to grow as professionals
© Life Project 4 Youth
Life Project 4 Youth has started creating a new "Life Project Center" in the Sangam Vihar district © Life Project 4 Youth

The Air Liquide Foundation's involvement

The Foundation's support will make it possible to renovate and fit out the building of the professional training center.


  • Project initiator: Life Project 4 Youth
  • Location: Delhi, India
  • Year of support: 2016 & 2017
  • Air Liquide Sponsor: Roshan Ekka, Air Liquide India

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