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Under the Pole 2 ©Lucas Santucci - Under the Pole

Part 2 of the expedition Under The Pole

The Air Liquide Foundation has reaffirmed its confidence in Ghislain Bardout for his new expedition Under The Pole II (UTP II) in Greenland

True to its missions to "preserve the atmosphere" and "to improve respiratory function", the Foundation is supporting two of UTP II's research programs in this polar environment: an environmental program and a respiratory program.


Under the Pole : expédition scientifique sur le réchauffement climatique

Under the Pole 2

Ghislain Bardout and Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout, will be working in cooperation with teams of scientists on the sailing boat WHY for a land-based and underwater expedition in the polar environment.

Objective: To study the arctic ecosystem over its entire annual cycle, both on the surface and under the ice bank

How? The Under Pole II team will sail along the continental plate of western Greenland, monitoring the melting of the ice shelf before spending the winter in the north of the island, near Uummannaq.


month expedition


months wintering


scientific programs


scientists and divers involved

4,000 km


300 dives

including 40 at a depth of around 100 m

Two environmental and respiratory research programs

1. Interactions between the ice bank, the atmosphere, and the ocean in an endangered ecosystem

UTP II will measure the quantities of carbon dioxide captured in the depths of the ocean. Indeed, polar ice traps CO2 and oxygen when it is formed. This gas accumulates in extremely salty pockets of water called "brine". Due to their higher density, these pockets sink to the depths of the ocean, taking the captured gas with them.

2. Human physiology during dives in extremely deep and extremely cold water

Several physiological measurements of divers will then be analyzed in order to monitor the tolerance of the human body to extreme environments and optimize recommendations for divers.

The contribution of the Air Liquide Foundation

The Air Liquide Foundation's €120,000 subsidy over two years is dedicated to buying equipment required for the expedition. The Foundation has also provided the diving gas and the oxygen therapy kits for UTP II: around 60 oxygen and helium bottles were delivered to the boat before it left Brittany and along the coast of Greenland, thanks to the support of Air Liquide's subsidiaries in France and Greenland (Air Liquide Denmark).

The Air Liquide Foundation supported the first «Deepsea Under The Pole » in 2010.


  • Project initiator: WHY Expeditions
  • Location: Greenland, Denmark
  • Year of support: 2014
  • R&D manager: Fouad Ammouri & Marc Lemaire, Air Liquide Group’s Paris-Saclay research center

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