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One Foundation, four missions

Created in 2008, Air Liquide's corporate foundation attests the Group's commitment to being a responsible company engaged in long-term philanthropy’s action.

Long-term philanthropy action

The Air Liquide Foundation has international ambitions, and is determined to support projects in every country the Group operates in.

With a budget of €5 million over five years, the Air Liquide Foundation allocates financial resources, equipment and people to the projects it supports. The Air Liquide Foundation allocates grants of an average of €8,000 for local development micro-initiatives and €50,000 for scientific research projects.


research projects supported by the Foundation since 2008


micro-initiatives supported by the Foundation since 2008


countries where the Foundation supports projects

The Foundation's four missions

  • Environment

Support for scientific research projects in the field of environmental protection, which contribute to the preservation of our planet's atmosphere, including air quality.

  • Health / Breathing

Support for scientific research projects on the improvement of breathing and on the metabolism of gases in the human body in the fields of healthcare or exploration (space, deep-sea diving, or sport).

  • Science Education

Support for science education in the above fields (museums in particular)

  • Local development

Support for local development micro-initiatives that enhance the living conditions of communities in terms of access to water, energy and healthcare; the environment; handicap; micro-entrepreneurship; education & training; social. All projects are based in countries where Air Liquide operates.

Employee involvement

The Foundation's work relies in part on Air Liquide's employees, who sponsor micro-initiatives. This provides an opportunity for employees who are willing to help others to express their commitment to society and humanism by getting involved in the evaluation and support of projects. The Group's employees are also encouraged to recommend projects.


“The Group’s Corporate Sustainability Program incorporates five objectives related to air quality and interaction with stakeholders”

David Meneses , Executive Officer of the Air Liquide Foundation & VP Corporate Sustainability Program of Air Liquide Group

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  • What is your relationship with Air Liquide?

Let’s just say that Air Liquide is in my soul! After earning a MSc. in Physics and Chemistryfrom the “Ecole Superieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles” (ESPCI) in Paris and an advanced degree in Process Engineering, I began my career at Air Liquide in R&D, in France and in Japan. It was the beginning of a career that has spanned 21 years (the last 10 years of which were spent abroad) in the fields of business development, sales management, marketing, operations control, strategic planning, etc. In 2011, I was appointed Managing Director of the Industrial Merchant and Healthcare Cluster, for the Caribbean and Central America, based in the Dominican Republic, before becoming the President of Air Liquide’s Packaged Gasbusiness in the United States. Until March this year, I worked on the Airgas project, where I was in charge of integrating all of the industrial and medical packaged gas operations of Air Liquide USA in Airgas.

  • How did your career path lead you to become the Executive Officer of the Foundation today?

I recently became VP of the Group’s Corporate Sustainability Program, based in Paris under the leadership of Jean-Marc de Royere, member of the Executive Committee. This program, set up in 2016 as part of our corporate program, NEOS, incorporates five objectives related to air quality and interaction with stakeholders. It is within this context that I was also offered the position of Executive Officer of the Foundation, a role that allows me to serve as a major point of interaction with the communities where we operate.

  • How would you describe the activities and mission of the Foundation?

After nine years of existence, the Foundation has already conducted 34 R&D projects focused on the Environment and Health/Respiration as well as 250 local development micro-initiatives in 50 different countries. This is an extraordinary result for which we owe thanks to the Foundation’s team and to all the employees who identified these projects or contributed to sponsor them. Moving forward, we need to keep this momentum while ensuring coherence with our Corporate Sustainability Program, particularly in the field of air quality and the responsible values that we uphold within the Air Liquide Group: education, diversity, the inclusion of people with disabilities and the support of people from disadvantaged backgrounds.