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© Bürgerinitiative Rund um St. Josef

Linguistic and administrative support for refugees in Germany

Facilitating the integration of refugees in Krefeld, near Düsseldorf, by offering them language lessons and help completing administrative procedures

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting Bürgerinitiative Rund um St. Josef, a German association whose primary objective is to care for children while their parents are at work by giving them language lessons and sports activities. In response to the influx of refugees, it established the “Café Sarah” project to offer German lessons to refugees in Krefeld.

Free language lessons

The “Café Sarah” project consists in initiating refugees in Krefeld to the German language and culture, while helping them with administrative procedures. Each refugee gets 100 hours of lessons from around 20 experienced teachers. The lessons focus on key themes of everyday life, like shopping in a supermarket or a bakery.



100 hours

hours of lessons per refugee

Comprehensive support for refugees

In order to help refugees best integrate German society, the association gives them an opportunity to meet locals at events organized every Wednesday evening. It also guides them through the administrative procedures they must follow, provides legal support, and facilitates access to medical care.

The Air Liquide Foundation's contribution

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting the Bürgerinitiative Rund um St. Josef by financing German lessons for 23 refugees.


  • Project initiator: Bürgerinitiative Rund um St. Josef
  • Location: Krefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
  • Year of support: 2015
  • Sponsor: Susanne Brüggemann, Air Liquide Deutschland