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Integration of refugees in the suburbs of Frankfurt, Germany

Providing language lessons and internet access for refugees

The Air Liquide Foundation supports Catholic Parish St. Ursula, which helps to welcome refugees in Oberursel, a suburb of Frankfurt, Germany. The aim is to give refugees German lessons and access to an internet connection.

Language lessons to improve integration

The town of Oberursel took in over 1,000 refugees for whom language lessons is key to their integration. Catholic Parish St. Ursula organizes such German lessons. More than just theory lessons, the refugees can practice speaking German during discussions organized by the association's volunteers. The association also manages a center for the collection of clothes intended for the refugees.

Enabling refugees to stay in touch with their loved ones

The association also created a cybercafé near the refugee centers. Refugees need access to internet to stay in touch with members of their families who are in different countries.

The Air Liquide Foundation's contribution

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting Catholic Parish St. Ursula by financing the acquisition of teaching resources and dictionaries that the 700 refugees can use, as well as by setting up a wifi connection in the cybercafé.


  • Project initiator: Catholic Parish St. Ursula
  • Location: Oberursel, Hesse, Germany
  • Year of support: 2015
  • Sponsor: Marius Hackel, Air Liquide Deutschland