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We offer Air Liquide’s shareholders who wish to do so the opportunity to directly support projects of the Air Liquide Foundation. Making a donation to the Foundation is a possibility for Air Liquide Shareholders only, as per the July 31, 2014 French law on the “Économie Sociale & Solidaire”.

Why take up this opportunity?

The Air Liquide Foundation acts as an important complement to public action, thanks to its speed, the know-how derived from its field experience, and its many interactions with the teams it supports. With the Foundation, you will finance quality projects, with rigorous governance, that benefit from the skills of the men and women of Air Liquide. The Foundation’s focus in basic research is on mechanisms that play a role in respiratory diseases and air quality. Job-integration projects benefit from Air Liquide’s very practical and local knowledge.

Impactul projects

Here are the projects that are looking for your support:

“Long Covid” projects

The Air Liquide Foundation started its covid-19 research grants early in 2020. In 2022, the Foundation will target the consequences of the Covid-19, the so-called "long Covid", where researchers work on identifying patients at risk of developing a severe form of the disease, develop new therapeutic approaches and improve the long-term care of patients.

Your donation to “Long covid projects” will be channelled to research that is essential for many post-covid patients.
If you want to find out more about the Foundation’s Covid-19 work so far, watch this video.

Discover our Covid-19 work

The “Predict’Air” project

The Air Liquide Foundation has been supporting Gaëlle Uzu, at the Institute of Geosciences and the Environment in Grenoble, France, since the start of the project. It aims at a new  measurement of air quality so that future regulations on air quality better protect our health. Existing regulations are based on the size and weight of particles. Gaëlle is working with her team on a new indicator, based on the “oxidizing potential” of particles, that should be much more relevant to people’s health.

This promising research needs to be firmed up by testing campaigns. Your donation to “Predict’Air” will accelerate the work of this ambitious team.

Predict’Air Project

The “AFEV” & “Simplon” job-integration projects

Many young people lack job qualifications, while many industries are looking for skilled workers. The Foundation complements public action with its flexibility and the input of Air Liquide's local teams. It is completely results-oriented!

Your donation will support 2 projects: 

  • The “Apprentis Solidaires” (AFEV) in Metz - France, will prepare local young people for an apprenticeship;
  • The Simplon Foundation, in particular, will help young people in the Paris area - France, to learn digital professions.

AFEV Project     SIMPLON project

You may also wish the Foundation to allocate your donation to its projects, without indicating a particular one. Please tick the corresponding box when you go onto the giving page.

Contact Us

By mail: 
Fondation Air Liquide 
75 Quai d'Orsay
75007 PARIS

By e-mail

How to donate?

If you are an Air Liquide’s Shareholder and wish to support these projects, you can make a donation to the Foundation. We first need to establish that you are a shareholder, as required by the law in France.

Registered shareholders of Air Liquide (directly with Air Liquide or through their bank)or intermediary Shareholders) will receive an email from Air Liquide’s Shareholder Department on 9 November 2021, if they have given their prior agreement to receive communications from the Group. They are already identified and will just have to click a link to a secure platform, enabling them to make a credit card donation. They will receive a tax receipt. 

If you hold bearer shares (« au porteur ») or if you are a registered shareholders but are not on the Air Liquide shareholder department’s mailings list, you can nevertheless donate by asking your bank for proof of your Air Liquide shareholding and emailing it to We will then send you the link to the secured donation platform, where you can choose the project you wish to support and make a credit card donation.

French tax residents will benefit from a 66% tax credit, if their donation is under €1,500 cap and 20% of their taxable income. If the Shareholder is also an employee of Air Liquide, the €1,500 limit does not apply.

If you are a non-French tax resident, the fiscal rules of your country of residence will apply.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your support and encouragement.