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Projects owners

The Air Liquide Foundation has defined detailed criteria and a selection process and set up an online project submission tool. Discover them before submitting your project.

The 6 project selection criteria

To be considered by the Foundation, all applications must meet the following selection criteria:

1. The project must be related to one of the missions of the Foundation:

  • Breathing Better: fundamental research on respiratory diseases and scientific research on air quality, especially atmospheric chemistry; scientific education in these fields.
  • Acting within local communities:
    • projects sponsored by Air Liquide Group employees in the following areas: education & training, professional integration, disability, social, micro-entrepreneurship, environment, access to healthcare.
    • professional integration projects, bringing together vulnerable people seeking employment, with skills needs, especially in technical jobs. These multi-year projects are co-built with Air Liquide’s local teams and the Foundation’s team.

2. The project owner has a defined legal status, a strong governance and is a non-profit entity.

The Foundation supports projects initiated by:

  • Associations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Foundations
  • Teaching establishments (schools, universities, training organizations)

3. The project is located in a specific country and close to an Air Liquide subsidiary

  • For projects related to the “Breathing Better” mission, the project owner must be based in the European Economic Area (European Union + Iceland, Liechtenstein & Norway).
  • For the “Acting within local communities” projects, especially related to professional integration, they must take place in France or in Africa; they involve the Air Liquide teams operating in the territory where the project is located;
  • For the “Acting within local communities” projects sponsored by Air Liquide Group employees, they have to be carried out in the European Economic Area or in a developing country where the Air Liquide Group is present, near one of the Group subsidiaries (maximum 2 hours drive). See where the group operates.

4. The project is precise, structured with impact measures.

The Foundation examines all projects that have: concrete objectives whose results are observable and measurable, a detailed budget (resources/spending), a precise schedule and project completion deadline, a predetermined location.

5. The project is a long-term project.

The Air Liquide Foundation subsidizes long-term projects through a financial or material contribution over a one to three years period. For the “Acting within local communities” projects , the financial or material support of the Air Liquide Foundation must enable the project supporting structure to develop sustainably or to sustain its actions.

The Foundation favours projects that are innovative in nature.

6. Allocation of the allowance

The allowance is allocated to:

  • investments in equipment such as furniture, IT equipment, building materials, etc.
  • the most significant operating costs for the implementation of the project.

The expenses financed by the Foundation must be incurred after confirmation of the Air Liquide Foundation's support.

Applications that do not meet the Foundation's criteria

The Air Liquide Foundation cannot support projects that are not in line with its mission and do not meet the above criteria.
The following are therefore excluded:

  • One-off or short-term initiatives: events, sponsoring, treks and rallies, gala dinners, humanitarian trips;
  • Personal projects: grants, financing studies, survey trips, and school trips – including those that are within the Foundation's areas of intervention;
  • Sporting or cultural projects, activities or competitions;
  • Projects that are not clearly secular or apolitical in nature;
  • For-profit projects;

The life of a project

Applications are carefully reviewed by the Foundation team, following a well-defined selection process.

The steps of the project submission

If you want to submit an application to the Air Liquide Foundation, here are the steps to follow:

1. Please first check that you are eligible for the Foundation support

Ensure that your project is consistent with one of the Foundation missions and that your request meets the project's selection criteria. If your project comes under one of the Foundation's areas of intervention, follow the steps listed below.

2. Create an account

Go to the Submit a project tab and create an account in order to get access to the project submission section.

3. Prepare your application

Complete the form online, presenting your organization and your project. Complete it in order to present your project in a clear and detailed manner. You can ask other people (e.g. project manager) to help you complete your application. This is possible via the "Manage Invitations" button in the form menu. Submit the requested documents by uploading them to your account. The required documents are mandatory; any incomplete application will not be considered. The required documents are mandatory; any incomplete application will not be considered.

4. Submitting your project

When your application file is complete, the Submit button allows you to confirm the submission of your project. You will be sent a confirmation email. Please note: you can no longer amend your project once it has been submitted. The Foundation's team will examine your project. If your project is pre-selected, you will be contacted by a member of the Foundation's team in order to arrange a meeting to discuss your project and how the Foundation works.

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