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Employee involvement

The very origin of the Air Liquide Foundation is based on the direct involvement of employees. It is still today one of its specificities. In this way, the Foundation provides the opportunity to the employees who wish to get involved in solidarity actions to express their social and human commitment.

Employees, your dynamism and your skills are the cornerstone of our commitment. Because humans are at the heart of a project’s success and the Air Liquide Foundation is above all about women and men who are involved and committed. You are an Air Liquide employee and you want to get involved with your Foundation? Several options are available to you:

  • sponsor the project of an association of your choice (in accordance with the selection criteria)
  • support the development of an association already linked to the Foundation, and located close to your Air Liquide business location
  • conduct a skill-based sponsorship mission, in consultation with your entity’s Human Resources and the Foundation.

The Foundation supports you along the way.

1. Project sponsorship

Recommend to the Foundation the project of an association that is close to your heart. Several areas are involved : education, professional integration, disability, social, or access to healthcare. Invite this association to submit a project corresponding to the selection criteria and to mention your name, position and subsidiary. In this way, you will contribute to establish a connection between the association and the Foundation for a possible partnership at the end of the selection process. The project must be carried out within the European Union or in developing countries where the group is present.

The Foundation's team is of course at your disposal to discuss the association you recommend:


2. Project follow-up

Get involved in one of the local projects supported by the Air Liquide Foundation.We need volunteer employees to give of their time and support the associations in the development of their project. You represent the Foundation and are the privileged contact with the partner organization on the ground.

Focus on

The missions of project monitoring

The missions of the monitoring manager cover 3 essential stages in the life of a project

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  • Initial contact and feasibility study

The employee responsible for monitoring goes to the project site to meet with the organization's teams. He verifies that the project meets the selection criteria and can receive support from the Foundation. He also participates in the assessment of the technical feasibility and financial viability of the project. Following his visit, he sends a report to the Foundation team. If the report is positive, the Foundation team submits the project to the Project Selection Committee. Once the project has been approved by the Project Selection Committee, a support agreement is signed between the Foundation and the supported organization. The first part of the Foundation allowance is paid to the organization.

  • Follow-up and monitoring

Halfway through the project, the employee responsible for monitoring goes to the project site to ensure that it is running smoothly and the Foundation allowance is used properly. With the project carrier, he assesses the progress of the project. A report is sent to the Foundation team which can then release the balance of the allowance.

  • Final assessment

At the end of the project, the employee responsible for monitoring visits the site of the project a third time. He sends a report on the execution and the impact of the project to the Foundation team.


You are an Air Liquide employee and you would like to follow-up a project in your area? Feel free to contact the Foundation team by sending an email to You will be contacted when an opportunity near your subsidiary arises. The experience of the follow-up manager is a strong experience and a personal achievement that goes far beyond the project.

3. Skill-based sponsorship

Support the youth and people who are far from employment by providing them with your expertise and experience. Whether it’s for a specific project or the development of an association, skill-based sponsorship can change everything. By sharing your know-how, you meet new people and enjoy a rewarding human adventure. Skills sponsorship is implemented by the local structure of the Air Liquide Group operating in the concerned territory. It can take several forms:

  • Participation in a one-time event for the benefit of an association
  • Mentorship of one person alternating face-to-face and telephone meetings/video conferences
  • Transfer of the employee’s expertise in the context of a specific mission for a specified number of days in the year (example: from 3 to 6 days per year)
  • availability of a full-time senior employee for a long-term period (from six months to two years)
  • availability of an Air Liquide intern one day a week.

You are an Air Liquide employee and you would like to get involved in skills sponsorship? Feel free to notify the Foundation team by sending an email to