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Shareholders' and employees' donations

Air Liquide shareholders' and employees' donations to the Air Liquide Foundation

Shareholders of Air Liquide SA and employees of Air Liquide Group have the possibility of donating money to the Air Liquide Foundation.

What form can the donations take?

The Foundation can receive donations in two forms:

  • Cash,
  • Shares in Air Liquide SA as long as they are available (i.e. not locked in) and registered or administered registered shares.

In the case of a donation in the form of shares, they will be valued at the price of the close the day before the donation.

Tax implications for French tax residents¹

  • Income tax

Donors who are French tax residents benefit from a tax credit of 66 % of the amount they donate, within the limit of 20 % of their taxable income.
If the value of the donation exceeds this 20 % limit, the excess is automatically carried over to the next five years and entitles the donor to a tax credit under the same conditions. 
The Foundation provides tax certificates to donors.

  • IFI (Impôt sur la Fortune Immobilière - French tax on real estate wealth)

Donations to corporate foundations do not entitle you to a tax break on the IFI.

Allocation of donations

The donations received are pooled and go towards all the Foundation's missions.

The Foundation's team is at your disposal for any further information:

1  The tax implications for people whose tax domicile is not in France depend on the legislation in their country of residence. The Foundation's role is limited to providing a tax certificate to donors whose tax domicile is not France.