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Founded in 2008 under the impulse of Benoît Potier, CEO of Air Liquide, the Air Liquide Foundation is taking actions on major societal issues, leveraging Air Liquide’s expertise , geographic footprint and corporate culture. The Foundation’s work relies on a clear and collegial governance that is enhanced by the diversity and expertise of its members. Powerful lever of sponsorship, the Foundation is chaired by a member of the Air Liquide Board of Directors and managed by an enthusiastic and hard-working team.

Major Milestones

  • 2008: Air Liquide SA and Air Liquide Santé International found the Air Liquide corporate Foundation. Benoît Potier, CEO and Chairman of the Air Liquide group, becomes Chairman of its Board. The governance structure is established, with the Board of Directors and the Project selection committee. Willing to get company employees involved in the Foundation’s philanthropic work, the organization gives them a key role in its micro-initiatives, where employees work with local NGOs or projects that help meet basic needs (such as education, access to healthcare or disability issues) in local communities where the Group operates. The Foundation also provides support to major scientific research projects like Under the pole and the Premup foundation.
  • 2013: The Foundation's mandate and budget are approved for another five years.
  • 2016: Launch of the Foundation’s awards to recognize its most impactful projects.
  • 2017: Jean-Marc de Royere, a member of the Air Liquide Board of Directors, is named Chairman.
  • 2018: With another five-year mandate and a newly doubled budget, research on air quality and scientific education become new areas of focus. The second annual foundation awards ceremony is held.
  • 2019: The Foundation’s Board approves the development of multi-year partnerships for projects, in addition to a new priority, professional integration in technical fields.
  • 2020: In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Foundation received an exceptional donation of 2.1 million euros from its founders to fund scientific research on the disease and aid the high-risk populations most affected by the pandemic. 30 projects have been identified as of late July 2020.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the Foundation’s strategic priorities and approving the annual budget, in accordance with the Foundation's bylaws. The Board also approves scientific projects pertaining to air quality and respiratory diseases, as well as professional integration partnerships. It meets three times a year. The Board of Directors is composed of five members from the Air Liquide group representing the founders, an employee representative for the Group, and three qualified non-company individuals from the fields of environmental protection, health and local development. They are appointed for a renewable two-year term.


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“The Board ensures that the Foundation is functioning properly”

Jean-Marc de Royere, Chairman of the Air Liquide Foundation Member of the Air Liquide Board of Directors

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The Board ensures that the Foundation is functioning properly. With its open dialogue and diverse composition, it supports the Foundation in its development. The Board is assisted by the Foundation’s team and the Project selection committee. The Board is grateful to the Group employees, project evaluators, sponsors and experts whose contributions make the Foundation’s unique impact possible.


The Project selection committee

The Foundation's Project selection committee is responsible for examining and selecting the projects chosen by the Foundation’s team according to the established selection criteria. Multi-year projects or those requiring more than 25,000 euros are submitted to the Board for approval. The Project selection committee grants funds to each project according to the Foundation's annual budget, monitors the chosen projects, and assesses the work that is done and the results achieved. It meets approximately every three months. The Committee is made up of eight members, seven of whom work at the Air Liquide group. They are chosen for their expertise in the fields in which the Foundation is active. Given the value placed on individual shareholding in the Air Liquide group’s strategy and culture, it was only natural that an individual shareholder would be chosen to be part of the Committee. Thus, the composition of the Committee is as follows:

  • two representatives from R&D
  • a representative from the Healthcare business line
  • a doctor from the Air Liquide Healthcare division
  • a representative from the Communication department
  • a representative from the Finance and Cashflow department
  • a representative from the Shareholder Communication Committee
  • the General Manager of the Foundation, who leads the project selection committee.


“Offering our help to partner project initiators shows that our action is not just a single check but a long-term support.”

Bruno Rostaing Capaillan, Member of the Project Selection Committee for the Air Liquide Foundation 2018-2020, and Member of the Air Liquide Shareholder Communication Committee 2017-2020

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I was so honored when they asked me to join the Air Liquide Foundation. I found myself part of an organization that wants to make a difference, that makes an effort to listen and that is incredibly thoughtful. Now more than ever we must put people first. I really want to help others enjoy the same opportunities I have enjoyed. I believe that the Foundation’s new priorities will pay off.


The Operational Team

A close-knit team of four manages day-to-day operations at the Foundation. The team receives and examines every funding request that comes in. They also work with Group employees to evaluate projects and prepare the applications for support for the Board of Directors and the Project selection committee. They proactively identify organizations or projects that fit with the Foundation’s priorities and develop meaningful projects with them. They closely monitor projects, expenses and results. They also produce the Foundation’s communication materials.

The Air Liquide Foundation’s Ethical charter

The Foundation’s ethical charter was approved by the Board of Directors. The Foundation’s governance abides by five guiding principles:

  • Projects are chosen based on the principles of integrity, transparency, a lack of conflicts of interest and independence.
  • The Foundation does not serve the financial interests of its management team, Board members, founders or contacts, including project sponsors and the members of the Project selection committee.
  • When examining each project, the Foundation takes into account interactions between the people who will receive the funding and any relevant Air Liquide entities, taking care that the Air Liquide's Principles of Actions are respected.
  • The decision to support a project is always made through open, respectful debate.
  • The Foundation is particularly attentive to supporting and monitoring the chosen projects to ensure that the allocated resources are being used properly for their intended purposes. Regular reports are provided to the Foundation over the course of the project.

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