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Employee involvement

Air Liquide's employees can get involved!

Air Liquide's employees can get involved by recommending projects or by sponsoring micro-initiatives supported by the Foundation!

Recommending a project

Are you an Air Liquide employee? Do you know about the work of a research organization or a humanitarian association?

You can recommend a research or local development project if it is in line with the Foundation's missions.  In order to do this, simply ask the organization in question to state your name and that of your subsidiary when it submits its application in the “Submit your Project" section.

Do you work for a research organization or an association?  If so, you don't need to be recommended by an Air Liquide employee. The Air Liquide Foundation examines every project, whether it is recommended by an employee or not.


“We are proud to now be the first project supported by the Air Liquide Foundation in Italy.”

Lina Feudi , Air Liquide Italy, recommended Dynamo Camp’s project

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I recommended this project to the Air Liquide Foundation because my husband does volunteer work for the association. We are proud to now be the first project supported by the Air Liquide Foundation in Italy. I believe that it’s important to bring something personal to my company, as well as to these children, thanks to this support.

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Sponsoring a local development micro-initiative

Every local development micro-initiative supported by the Foundation is followed by an Air Liquide employee who volunteers to sponsor the project. This sponsor is chosen by the Air Liquide Foundation team when a project is pre-selected by the Foundation. The sponsor must work for an Air Liquide subsidiary close to or near where the project is being carried out.

One sponsor, three roles:

  • Making contact and feasibility study

The sponsor visits the project to meet the organizational team on site. He checks that the micro-initiative meets the Foundation’s selection criteria and is eligible to receive its support. The sponsor is also involved in evaluating projects’ technical feasibility and financial viability.

Following his visit, the sponsor delivers a report for the Foundation's team. If the report is positive, the Foundation's team will submit the project to the Project Selection Committee.

Once the project has been approved by the Project Selection Committee, the Foundation and the supported organization sign a support agreement. The first part of the Foundation's grant is then paid to the organization. The sponsor is involved again later concerning the payment of the second part of the grant.

  • Follow up and support

The sponsor visits a project supported by the Foundation at its mid-way point, to ensure everything is going as planned and that the Foundation's grant is being spent as agreed. The sponsor prepares a project advancement report with the project initiator. This report is then passed on to the Foundation's team, which releases the funds for the second half of the grant.

  • Final evaluation

When the project is completed, the sponsor visits the site of the initiative for a third time and delivers a report on the implementation of the project to the Foundation's team.

390 employees

have got involved in the Foundation's work since 2008

Why become a sponsor?

Becoming the sponsor of a micro-initiative means taking an opportunity to engage with underprivileged communities and get involved in socially responsible projects.

By becoming a sponsor, employees commit to work on the ground, alongside the organization that initiated the project, and represent the Foundation in evaluating and monitoring the initiatives supported.


“Being the sponsor of this project allows me to do something for others and to give back to the society what I received.”

Rosemary Godoy , Air Liquide Argentina, sponsor-employee of the promoting literacy program of Fundación Leer

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For me it is a great chance that Air Liquide gave me the opportunity to sponsor the project supported by the Foundation.  I love reading and I love books! Thus giving books to children that could have been deprived of them has a specific meaning for me. Reading opens new horizons - geographically and culturally - and motivates children to go above and beyond their day-to-day world. This is wonderful to be able to share that with them. Being the sponsor of this project allows me to do something for others and to give back to the society what I received.

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If you are an employee of Air Liquide and you want to sponsor a project, don't hesitate to inform the Foundation's team by sending an email at

You will be contacted when a sponsorship opportunity near your subsidiary presents itself.

Please note: For reasons of impartiality, employees who sponsor projects must not have ties to the project initiator.