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Employee involvement

Air Liquide employees are involved!

Air Liquide employees are committed! They sponsor and follow-up projects. They also contribute to the Foundation actions through skill-based sponsorship.

Project sponsorship

Air Liquide employees are invited to recommend to the Foundation local development projects carried out by organizations that are close to their hearts in the following areas: education & training, disability, social, micro-entrepreneurship, environment, access to healthcare.

If you know of an association that works in these domains, suggest the association submits a project and mentions your name, position and  subsidiary. Invite it beforehand to make sure that its project corresponds to the selection criteria.


“We are proud to now be the first project supported by the Air Liquide Foundation in Italy.”

Lina Feudi, Air Liquide Italy, recommended Dynamo Camp’s project

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I recommended this project to the Air Liquide Foundation because my husband does volunteer work for the association. We are proud to now be the first project supported by the Air Liquide Foundation in Italy. I believe that it’s important to bring something personal to my company, as well as to these children, thanks to this support.

Discover Dynamo Camp’s project


Project follow-up

Each local development project supported by the Foundation is monitored by an employee of the Air Liquide Group who volunteers. The employee is responsible for the follow-up of the project for the Foundation. This employee is identified by the Air Liquide Foundation team when a project is pre-selected by the Foundation. The employee must work in an Air Liquide subsidiary near the project site. The tasks of the project follow-up are as follows:

  • Initial contact and feasibility study

The employee responsible for monitoring goes to the project site to meet with the organization's teams. He verifies that the project meets the selection criteria and can receive support from the Foundation. He also participates in the assessment of the technical feasibility and financial viability of the project.

Following his visit, he sends a report to the Foundation team. If the report is positive, the Foundation team submits the project to the Project Selection Committee.

Once the project has been approved by the Project Selection Committee, a support agreement is signed between the Foundation and the supported organization. The first part of the Foundation allowance is paid to the organization.

  • Follow-up and monitoring

Halfway through the project supported by the Foundation, the employee responsible for monitoring goes to the project site to ensure that it is running smoothly and the Foundation allowance is used properly. With the project carrier, he assesses the progresses of the project. A report is sent to the Foundation team which can then transfer the second part of the allowance.

  • Final assessment

At the end of the project, the employee responsible for monitoring visits the site of the project a third time. He sends a report on the execution and the impact of the project to the Foundation team.

Why monitoring a project?

Becoming responsible for the follow-up of a local development project means taking the opportunity for an employee to work with disadvantaged communities and to get involved in responsible projects.

The employee is involved in the field alongside the project leader and represents the Foundation in the evaluation and monitoring of the supported actions.

Are you interested in project monitoring? Contact the Foundation's team at The team will get back to you when an opportunity near your entity arises.


“Following-up this project allows me to give back to society what I have received.”

Rosmary Godoy, Air Liquide Argentina, employee responsible for monitoring the literacy program of Fundación Leer

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For me it is a great chance that Air Liquide gave me the opportunity to sponsor the project supported by the Foundation.  I love reading and I love books! Thus giving books to children that could have been deprived of them has a specific meaning for me. Reading opens new horizons - geographically and culturally - and motivates children to go above and beyond their day-to-day world. This is wonderful to be able to share that with them. Being the sponsor of this project allows me to do something for others and to give back to the society what I received.

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Skill-based sponsorship

Skill-based sponsorship consists in proposing to an organization of general interest that an employee be made available to it, on an ad hoc basis or over a longer period of time. Thanks  to their professional skills, Air Liquide employees contribute to the development of the organization, the implementation of a project or the support of beneficiaries. It is a win-win system where the organization benefits from non-existent or underdeveloped expertise within its structure. The Air Liquide employee gives meaning to his job, develops new skills and enhances his career and skills in a different environment from his day to day workplace. The company builds employee’s loyalty and increases its reputation. 

Skills sponsorship is implemented by the local structure of the Air Liquide Group operating in the concerned territory. It can take several forms:

  • availability of an employee for a specified number of days in the year (example: from 3 to 6 days per year)
  • availability of an employee between two positions in the Air Liquide Group
  • availability of a full-time senior employee for a long-term period (from six months to two years)
  • availability of an Air Liquide intern one day a week.

For each project, a job description precisely describes the association expectations, the content of the assignment and the required skills.

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Are you an Air Liquide employee and would you like to follow-up a project? Feel free to contact the Foundation team by sending an email to

You know an association which runs projects in the following areas: education & training, disability, social, micro-entrepreneurship, environment, access to healthcare. If the projects meets the selection criteria, suggest the association to mention your name, position and subsidiary when submitting their project.

The Foundation's team is of course at your disposal to discuss the association you recommend: