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Fighting obesity in New Zealand

A program to fight against obesity in schools

The Air Liquide Foundation is helping implement in classrooms the Garden to Table program to raise children’s awareness on the dangers of obesity and the benefits of a healthy diet.

Obesity : a public health issue which increases inequality

As the majority of developed countries, New Zealand is increasingly confronted with obesity, especially among children. However, segments of the population who are affected by inequalities are more at risk from this pathology and its consequences for their health. Firstly, children from underprivileged neighborhoods are three times more likely to suffer from obesity than those from well-off neighborhoods. Secondly, the percentage of overweight or obese children is much higher amongst Maori children or those originating from the Pacific isles.

The Garden to Table program

To raise young people's awareness on these challenges and take action to prevent obesity, the Garden to Table program offers its partner schools the possibility of organizing weekly gardening and cookery classes. With a home-style kitchen classroom and a vegetable garden, children are taught the practical aspects of a healthy diet through interactive and entertaining activities. Consequently, the children learn how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh and seasonal produce.

The aim : establish theirfuture eating habits through these memorable experiences


The contribution of the Air Liquide Foundation

The Air Liquide Foundation's donation will help provide funding for schools considered as a priority by Garden to Table, based on socio-economic criteria. These funds will help pay for seeds and fruit trees, preparation and cooking utensils, as well as activities organized by the Local Garden to Table coordinator.

The Garden to Table Trust

Founded in 2009, the Garden to Table Trust works in around 20 New Zealand schools in order to inform children aged 7 to 10 about the fight against obesity, by changing their perception and their approach to food and their diets.


  • Project initiator: Garden to Table Trust
  • Location: Auckland, Christchurch, and Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Year of support: 2015
  • Air Liquide sponsor: Leanne BRIMBLE – Air Liquide New Zealand
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