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“Chi Em” program in Vietnam

Expansion of the “Chi Em” program in 4 new municipalities in Dien Bien, Vietnam

In 2013, the Air Liquide Foundation renewed its support to a program fostering individual economic initiatives, “Chi Em”, carried out by the association Entrepreneurs du Monde.

Entrepreneurs du Monde

Entrepreneurs du Monde strives against poverty and for a sustainable improvement in living conditions in households facing extreme precariousness. To achieve this goal, the association favors their social and economic development, and offers training programs and financial services (loans, savings plans) to foster entrepreneurship. In 2013, the association is active in 11 countries and helps over 145,000 micro-entrepreneurs to maintain their activity.

Vietnam rural communities

In Vietnam, rural communities are highly vulnerable, notably in the mountainous region of Dien Bien, because of a lack of opportunities to develop economic activities, coupled with a restrictive legal framework. Entrepreneurs du Monde has been active in five municipalities in the northwest of Vietnam since 2007, where it has developed the “Chi Em” Program.

In view of its results since 2007, Entrepreneurs du Monde wants to pursue the expansion of its activities. For this purpose, the association will create four additional antennas in the new municipalities of Dien Bien region: Nua Ngam, Sam Mun, Xuan lao and Muong Lan. Criteria for the selection of borrowers are based on the precariousness of their situation and on the nature of their project.
As for training programs, they will be linked to the granting of credit: there may be training programs in agronomy (culture productivity, cattle management) or craft training programs for instance.

The extension of the “Chi Em” program

The extension of the “Chi Em” program in these new municipalities will enable the association to provide services to the most peripheral communities. Entrepreneurs du Monde hopes to reach 2000 additional beneficiaries thanks to these new antennas, in an area where the poverty rate can be as high as 85%.


  • Project initiator: Association Entrepreneurs du Monde
  • Location: Province de Dien Bien, Vietnam
  • Year of support: 2013
  • Sponsor: Nhung TRAN, Air Liquide Vietnam