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Urban farming in Colombia

Development of urban farming in Bogota, Colombia

The Air Liquide Foundation supports Projeter Sans Frontières "Sembrando Confianza" (Let's sow confidence) project. The aim is to find a solution for the lack of food in underprivileged neighborhoods of Bogota, thanks to the development of urban farming.

Since 2007, Projeter Sans Frontières (PSF) has been working to fight poverty and social exclusion among the most underprivileged sections of the population in developing countries.

Encouraging different communities in the same neighborhood to meet each other

This NGO is running the project "Sembrando Confianza" in order to try to resolve the issue of food shortages and stimulate economic activity. Projeter Sans Frontières works in around 10 neighborhoods in the south of Bogota. The 25,000 inhabitants of these neighborhoods live in conditions of great poverty. The neighborhood's long-standing residents live side by side with populations that arrived following the exodus to the capital due to the armed conflict and the families of demobilized soldiers (both families of guerilla fighters and paramilitary soldiers). The activities of the "Sembrando Confianza" project encourage all these communities to work together.

Urban farming in Bogota, Colombia

The project's three main aims

  1. to improve food supply;
  2. to maximise the use of space and resources available for farming thanks to innovative farming solutions (greenhouses on roofs, rainwater recovery tanks etc.);
  3. and to make farmers' activities profitable through the sale of farming products.

The Air Liquide Foundation's funding has enabled the project to purchase equipment for building greenhouses (on roofs and at ground level).


  • Project initiator: Projeter Sans Frontières (PSF)
  • Location: San Cristobal district, Bogota, Colombia
  • Year of support: 2014
  • Air Liquide sponsor: Marcos Pachon, Sales Representative, Seppic Colombia

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