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School center in Colombia

In 2013, the Air Liquide Foundation founded the setting-up of a multi-purpose room in an academic support center in the south of Bogota.

The Corporación Infancia y Desarrollo is a Colombian association committed to contributing to the development of Colombia through the protection of the rights of vulnerable children, teenagers and households.

Keep the unschooled children and teenagers off the streets

In the city of Soacha, in the south of the capital city Bogota, people are confronted to a number of difficult situations: illegal armed groups, sexual violence, lack of schools or infrastructure, and extreme poverty.

That is why an Academic Support Center (Centro de Apoyo Escolar) was built under the aegis of the United Nations and inaugurated in 2011 by Ban Ki Moon, who chose the Corporación Infancia y Desarrollo to be the project’s operator. The goal of this center is to provide the population access to education and psychosocial and nutritional assistance. 300 children and teenagers can thus receive academic support from the center despite the fact that there are no schools in this area.

300 children and teenagers can thus receive academic support

The Academic Support Center now wants to create a multi-purpose room to offer several activities (computer science, cooking, etc.) both for youngsters who are already going to the center and for street children from the neighbourhood. The objective of this initiative is to retain unschooled children and teenagers within the center and to keep them off the streets.

The Air Liquide Foundation supports this project by funding the setting-up of this multi-purpose room.


  • Project initiator: Corporación Infancia y Desarrollo
  • Location: Soacha, Colombie
  • Year of support: 2013
  • Sponsors: Alexandra Ronco Gamez, and Nadia Rabahi, Seppic Colombia