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Literacy training in Ivory Coast

Development of a literacy center in Kononfla

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting the French association Tet-Llä, which means "point of convergence" in Cameroonian dialect, with its plans to expand the literacy center in Kononfla.

Illiteracy in Kononfla

Among other activities, Tet-Llä develops international aid programs between France and sub-Saharan Africa, with a specific focus on local development projects in the field of education. The association opened a literacy center in the small town of Kononfla, where 80% of the population is illiterate and lacks access to skills training.

80% of the population is illiterate and lacks access to skills training


The literacy center

All the classes offered at the literacy center are designed to help trainees gain the skills needed for professional integration. Classes for adults and children focus on the basics of reading, mathematics, and writing. Adults will also be offered professional training classes on cocoa-growing, sewing, or mechanics. The center already provides training for 105 individuals, and is ramping up to welcome an additional 100 trainees. Tet-Llä has therefore decided to expand its facilities to offer the best possible learning conditions.

The Air Liquide Foundation's contribution

The Foundation's support has allowed Tet-Llä to purchase building materials for the center’s expansion.


  • Project initiator: Tet-Llä Association
  • Location: Kononfla, Marahoué region, Côte-d’Ivoire
  • Year of support: 2016
  • Air Liquide Sponsor: Brigitte Konan, Air Liquide Ivory Coast