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© Entente Sportive Blanquefortaise Handisport

Wheelchair basketball school in France

Creation of a wheelchair basketball school

The Air Liquide Foundation has provided support for the creation of a wheelchair basketball school for young people with disabilities through Entente Sportive Blanquefortaise Handisport.

Making basketball accessible to children with physical disabilities

The Aquitaine region of France does not have any collective sport school for young people with disabilities. The Handisport division of Entente Sportive Blanquefortaise has thus decided to create a wheelchair basketball school in collaboration with regional health and rehabilitation centers. The goal is to allow young people aged 12 to 16 to enjoy grouped physical activities with a trained and certified instructor. Wheelchair basketball offers exciting prospects for these young people, such as regaining control of their bodies, developing their autonomy and strengthening social ties.

© Entente Sportive Blanquefortaise
© Entente Sportive Blanquefortaise

Promoting mixed teams to create widespread public awareness of sport for people with disabilities

Under the guidance of its chairman, the association is heavily involved in raising public awareness of adaptive sports. The creation of a wheelchair basketball club is one part of this commitment: the school is both open to disabled and able-bodied young people. This provides these young people with direct experience of what it is like to live with a disability by engaging in physical activity while in a wheelchair.

The Air Liquide Foundation's involvement

In order to open the school, the association needed to invest in basketball wheelchairs: five wheelchairs have already been purchased thanks to a grant from the Foundation. Five more wheelchairs will be purchased at the end of the summer of 2015.


  • Project initiator: Entente Sportive Blanquefortaise Handisport
  • Location: Blanquefort/Le Haillon, Aquitaine, France
  • Year of support: 2014
  • Air Liquide sponsor: Emmanuel Gautron, Air Liquide France Industries, Southwest region