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Children with autism in France

creation of a playground area for the reception house of children with autism in Haute-Savoie region

In 2013, the Air Liquide Foundation supports the association Objectif Vaincre L’autisme France.

Autism in France

The French National Authority for Health has established that one out of every 150 children is affected by autism spectrum disorders in France. If autism cannot be cured at the current state of scientific knowledge, an early and intensive educational management can considerably improve the cognitive capacities, autonomy and social interactions of the child.

One out of every 150 children is affected by autism spectrum disorders in France

Based on the recognition of this fact, the association OVA France(Objectif Vaincre l’Autisme) tries to give autistic children the possibility of a better future, by teaching them what they need to become autonomous in their daily life and in their lifelong learnings. The accomplishment of this mission relies on adapted and efficient care management: theA.B.A method –Applied Behavior Analysis.

OVA France'ss activities: care for 22 children, integration of children in ordinary schools, daily support for families and training of therapists.

© OVA France
One out of every 150 children is affected by autism spectrum disorders in France © OVA France

Caring for children at the center

For this purpose, the association holds two reception houses at Quintal and Monnetier-Mornex in Haute-Savoie (France).

Caring for children at the center rather than at home allows families toreach a more balanced professional and personal life. It enables OVA France educators and psychologists to work as part of a team. The quality of the children’s assistance is thus improved. The center also helps children work together, in order to improve their social competences.

Air Liquide Foundation' support: fitting-out of the new Monnetier-Mornex house, by funding the construction of a playground area. This support is consistent with the Foundation’s objective to contribute to the improvement of the education system and health care for disabled people.


  • Project initiator: OVA France
  • Location: Monnetier-Mornex, Haute-Savoie
  • Year of support: 2013
  • Air Liquide sponsor: Frédérique Guillot, Air Liquide Santé France