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© Le Nez dans les Etoiles

Circus classes for all in France

Circus classes for children with disabilities

The Air Liquide Foundation is actively involved in the field of disability. One of the projects it supports is the Nez dans les Etoiles (Head in the Stars) circus school. This initiative provides circus classes for children with disabilities or autism.
© Le Nez dans les Etoiles
"Le Nez dans les Etoiles" includes children with disabilities or autism in their classes and circus performances © Le Nez dans les Etoiles

Circus classes open to everyone

"Nez dans les Etoiles" was founded by two ex-professionals from the circus industry, both of whom are driven by the desire to make their art accessible for everyone. To make their dream a reality, they decided to include children with disabilities or autism in their classes and circus performances.

Building social ties and promoting the integration of children with disabilities

The circus tent will always be a magical place for all schoolchildren—a place that rekindles their curiosity, enthusiasm and imagination. While attending the circus school, new ties are developed among young people with disabilities as well as the other adults and students drawn to the circus arts.  All participants work together to organize an annual performance, which teaches them tolerance and acceptance of differences while boosting the confidence of young students with disabilities. The role of the association is to promote socialization, integration and good citizenship. That is why there is a growing demand for classes for individuals with disabilities.

The Air Liquide Foundation’s participation: a new circus tent

The association is struggling to provide suitable conditions for its students. The school's circus tent is becoming threadbare and is now too small to accommodate a growing student population. The time has come for the association to invest in a new tent. The grant from the Air Liquide Foundation will be used to purchase a new tent, so that the children will be able to learn in an environment that meets safety, comfort and accessibility standards.


  • Project initiator: Le Nez dans les Etoiles
  • Location: Bourges, France
  • Year of support: 2015
  • Air Liquide sponsor: Corinne RODRIGUEZ, Air Liquide France Industrie - Centre / Île-de-France Region