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Breathing better and Acting within local communities

The Air Liquide corporate Foundation is committed to the society. Leveraging on the Air Liquide group’s strengths - expertise and regional presence - the Foundation acts for the advancement of science so that everyone can breathe better. The Foundation also contributes to the development of communities through local initiatives and its work on professional integration in technical fields.

Two missions that define the commitment of the Air Liquide Foundation.
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Nearly 9 million people die prematurely each year worldwide as a result of air pollution1. In cities, air pollution increases the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and reduces life expectancy by two years2. Hundreds of millions of people suffer from chronic respiratory failure3 and the WHO predicts that COPD4 will become the third leading cause of death in the world by 2030.. 

Since BREATHING is so vital, we must advance research.


1. British medical journal The Lancet 2017, 2. French national public health agency 2016, 3. World Health Organization, 4. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

The Air Liquide Foundation supports fundamental research in two areas:

  • medical research on chronic or rare respiratory diseases and
  • environmental research on air composition, especially atmospheric chemistry, because it is also important to better understand the environments we inhabit.

The Air Liquide Foundation can count on Air Liquide’s significant expertise in both health and environmental protection. This expertise built on a century of experience in delivering medical gases to hospitals including 30 years of home healthcare solutions for patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases. This expertise, when combined with a robust ecosystem of the best scientific teams in Europe, acts as a powerful driver for improving our understanding of the atmospheric pollution impact on our health and developing new therapeutic pathways.

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with local initiatives and efforts to promote professional integration in technical fields

Because education and training are the best methods for finding work and fighting poverty.
Because some technical skills are disappearing and there is still no training for them, especially in technical fields.
Because education, training and employment are local issues.
For all these reasons, we must ACT WITHIN LOCAL COMMUNITIES.

The Air Liquide Foundation acts within local communities:

  • We help meet the specific needs of territories in a variety of fields :education, training, healthcare, disability and social issues)
  • In addition, the Foundation has begun promoting professional integration in technical fields.

We are helping unemployed individuals to develop the skills that are in demand in technical fields. The Foundation gives each beneficiary - young adults without diplomas, jobs or training, especially from disadvantaged areas, individuals with disabilities or long-term unemployed - the opportunity to take charge of their own professional destiny. Thanks to our knowledge of the technical fields and the many industries served by the Air Liquide group around the world, the Foundation understands local industrial networks and the needs of employers. In conjunction with communities and organizations active on the ground and the Air Liquide teams present in the region, we are able to support professional integration projects in places where unemployment is high and where certain jobs are going unfilled.

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Our Way

At the Foundation we believe that we will make a difference through long-term commitments in the regions where the Air Liquide group operates. That is why we always get local Air Liquide teams involved and prioritize long-term projects in order to have a real impact. We support projects by providing financial, material and human resources.

These advances are made possible by our many partners, scientific institutions and community organizations - more than 100 project owners currently - and, of course, the support and engagement of the 67,000 employees of Air Liquide.


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