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©Association Pachapalli

Agricultural training

in an isolated region of Cameroon

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting the I.F.F.A. (Institut Familial de Formation Agricole - Family Institute for Agricultural Training), created by the Pachapalli association in Cameroon, in order to promote innovative agricultural methods that protect the soil and the environment.

Pachapalli Association

Pachapalli was founded in 2002 by French students with the aim of promoting cultural exchanges around the world through solidarity projects. One of Pachapalli's projects in Africa and Asia was to create the I.F.F.A. to promote autonomous local development. This project is coordinated with their Cameroonian partner, l'Association pour la Promotion du Développement Rural (The Association for the Promotion of Rural Development).

©Association Pachapalli
The Institut Familial de Formation Agricole - Family Institute for Agricultural Training trains locals in farming techniques ©Association Pachapalli

Benefiting from soil fertility

The town of Baré Bakem, where the project is carried out, is located in an isolated region in the west of Cameroon, which lives mainly from traditional agriculture. The equilibrium of this economy is endangered by the difficulty of managing this land, despite its fertility. The aim of the institute's project is:

  • to improve the management of natural resources,
  • to eliminate crops that are harmful to the environment, 
  • to modernize production techniques,
  • to train locals in farming techniques.

Towards sustainable jobs

The Institut Familial de Formation Agricole (Family Institute for Agricultural Training) trains the region's young people and adults in crop and livestock farming, in order to help them become fully operational entrepreneurs. Several types of lessons are provided: 

  • general education, completed by agricultural lessons for teenagers who have left the school system;
  • technical agricultural training for young adults;
  • and training for farmers in new farming techniques and management skills, for example.

In total, there are 5 classes of 20 students, with 40 new students every year.

This initiative directly combats unemployment in the region and promotes the long-term management of natural resources.

To guarantee the I.F.F.A.'s autonomy, it has a pigsty that generates income that is reinvested in the Institute. The Foundation's support will finance works on the Institute's infrastructure. 


  • Project initiator: Pachapalli
  • Location: Cameroon, coastal region, Baré Bakem
  • Year of support: 2014
  • Air Liquide sponsor: Caroline-Viviane Nonnyou, Air Liquide Cameroon