You can now support your Group's Foundation

In line with French law, Air Liquide shareholders who wish to make donations to the Fondation Air Liquide to support its projects can do so. In 2021, for the first time, Air Liquide’s shareholders had the opportunity to support 4 of the Foundation’s projects.

Can shareholders donate all through the year?

If you are an Air Liquide shareholder, you can make a donation to the Foundation at any time. Your donation will be used in the most effective way: we have twenty to thirty collaborations and partnerships at any time, for scientific research or jobs-integration, that require funding.

Thanks to our model of tapping into Air Liquide expertise, our support to these organizations is extremely effective. And we keep our overheads low: more than 90% of your donation will go directly to  funding  projects.

Since by law, donations to the Foundation can only be made by Air Liquide shareholders,  we’ll have to check that you are a shareholder of Air Liquide. Please send us at a short message with your  surname, first name, expressing that  “I would like to make a donation to the Foundation”. You can specify a  wish to donate to  either research or jobs-insertion projects..

If your shares are registered with Air Liquide's shareholder department, you will receive a link to make your donation online, on a secure platform, by credit card. Your tax receipt will follow.

A tax credit equivalent to 66% of your gift will apply on a donation of up to €1,500 and no more than 20% of your taxable income, if you are  a French tax resident  (If you are also an Air Liquide employee, the €1,500 cap does not apply).
Fiscal rules of your country of residence apply if you are not a French tax resident.

If your shares are not registered with Air Liquide’s shareholder department, please also send us proof  in your email to that you are a shareholder of Air Liquide (which you should get from your account holder). We will then send you the secure link to make a donation online and a tax receipt will follow.

Thank you for supporting our projects!

The 4 projects presented to Air Liquide’s shareholders in 2021

Here are the four projects that were presented to Air Liquide’s shareholders at the end of 2021. They are now all funded, thanks to their generosity.

“Long Covid” projects

In 2022, the Foundation wishes to target the covid-19’s sequel - so-called “long Covid” -  by identifying at-risk patients, developing new therapeutic approaches and improving care.
Donations received from shareholders will go towards financing the Foundation’s 1st project in this area in 2022.

If you want to find out more about the Foundation’s Covid-19 work so far, watch this video.




The current measurement of air quality based on particles’ mass is not representative of their impact on health. Gaëlle Uzu, researcher at the Institute of Geosciences and the Environment, in Grenoble, France, is working on a new indicator, i.e. a particle’s “oxidizing potential”, that could better account for the impact of air pollutants on our health.

The Foundation’s latest grant to this project will be increased significantly thanks to shareholder donations.

Jobs-integration projects for young people

2 projects were on the list:

  • The “Apprentis Solidaires” (AFEV) in Metz - France, who prepare local young people for an apprenticeship;
  • The Simplon Foundation, who help young people around Paris develop digital skills.

The Foundation’s grants to these two projects will be 100% funded by Air Liquide shareholders.



Will shareholders get an opportunity to support other projects?

The Foundation wishes to develop the relationship with Air Liquide’s shareholders, whom it will keep regularly informed of its actions. Building on its first successful experience of going to Air Liquide shareholders in 2021, the Foundation does intend to come up with other projects for Air Liquide shareholders.