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November 2023 fundraising campaign: 3 questions to Jean-Marc de Royere, Chair of the Fondation Air Liquide

Why are you raising funds?

The funds will go to projects helping either young people enter the job market or adults get back into it, as the case may be. With several years of experience in this field through dozens of projects, we have already helped thousands of recipients get into the jobs market. We must do more.

Why give to the Fondation Air Liquide ?

Because the Foundation guarantees that your donation is effective. We carefully select the nonprofits we work with, we back projects with measurable results and, thanks to Air Liquide employees on site, we follow each project from start to finish. And efficient management allows us to allocate 90 to 95% of our resources directly to projects!

Why is this fundraising not accessible to all?

It is restricted to Air Liquide shareholders, as provided by the laws regulating our foundation. As an exception, all employees of Air Liquide in France can also donate, even if they are not a shareholder. Shareholders who have elected to receive regular communications from Air Liquide’s Shareholder department will receive  an email on November 20th enabling them to donate if they wish.

I thank all shareholders who have already generously supported us in previous fundraising campaigns. We hope to see many more join us!

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