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Diffuse clean energy in Togo

supporting Entrepreneurs du Monde

In Togo, the Air Liquide Foundation is supporting Entrepreneurs du Monde in order to facilitate access to clean, modern, and economical energy for cooking and lighting among vulnerable populations..

Project Identity 

Project initiator: Entrepreneurs du Monde Years of support: 2015 et 2018
Location: Lomé and the surrounding area, Togo Air Liquide sponsor: Alban HOUNGBEDJI – Air Liquide Togo


Energy poverty in Togo

The limited distribution of electricity forces the local population to light its homes using rudimentary systems, like kerosene lamps, and to resort to outdated cooking techniques, like wood or charcoal combustion. The consequences of this energy poverty are:

  • socio-economic: with a significant proportion of households' budget being spent on fuel
  • sanitary: smoke or particle emissions inside homes, as well as accidental burns, cause thousands of deaths every year
  • environmental: these practices generate significant CO2 emissions and contribute to deforestation through the over-consumption of wood-based fuels

In order to raise awareness on energy poverty and its consequences, a multi-channel communication campaign is being carried out by Entrepreneurs du Monde, with radio advertisements, training, workshops, and their presence at fairs and shows, etc.

In Togo, the goal is to facilitate access to clean, modern, and economical energy for cooking and lighting among vulnerable populations ©Entrepreneurs du monde

Meeting this challenge by promoting micro-entrepreneurship amongst women

The Mivo Energie project aims to provide access to improved hearths, solar-powered lamps, and LPG stoves – 3,000 products were already distributed in 2014. For this, Entrepreneurs du Monde has set up a distribution network with a physical point of sale as well as 40 micro-franchised distributors. The professional emancipation of these women is promoted by financial support that aims to make their economic model viable, give them access to payment facilities, and provide them with a micro-financing system. These financial solutions are also offered to people that buy products distributed by Mivo Energie.

The contribution of the Air Liquide Foundation

The Air Liquide Foundation is helping to finance the renovation of Mivo Energie shop, the acquisition of a motorcycle for the sales manager and a van for deliveries, and a continued information campaign.

The mission of Entrepreneurs du Monde, a French association founded in 1998, is to improve the living conditions of people in great poverty through economic activity and access to products that have a major economic, social, environmental and health impact. This mission is divided into three activities: social micro-finance, support for craftsmanship / rudimentary services, and social entrepreneurship.

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